Tapered PVC Porch Columns: The Hallmark of Craftsman Style Curb Appeal

When it comes to porch columns, customers know exactly what they want. People have different tastes and requirements based on their home’s style, architecture, budget and vision for their curb appeal, however, there are a few factors that remain constant. Home builders, owners and architects expect porch columns to reflect quality craftsmanship in their construction. […]

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PVC Porch Columns, Dormer Doors and More: Where to Source and Why?

Now that many homeowners and home builders and switching to PVC porch columns and other durable materials for crawl space doors, attic access doors and various elements of a home, you are sure to find many websites and businesses cropping up claiming to sell the ‘best products’. It can be hard to tell which seller […]

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Specialty Millwork: Giving Your Home Its Unique Character

If you’ve ever admired a house for its unique architectural details, chances are you’ve seen decorative brackets, gables, custom valances and corbels at work. These elements of specialty millwork are often what set a home apart and stay in your mind long after they’ve caught your attention. These seemingly minor details are usually tucked away […]

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Porch Column Styles (Sound Like Greek to You?)

Porch columns are the heart and soul of your home’s exteriors and have the biggest influence on your curb appeal. And you have the ancient Greeks to thank for that! The style of most porch columns you see in American homes originated from ancient Greek architecture. The shape of the column, the amount of ornamentation […]

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Ineffective Crawl Space Doors

Other Foundation Space Mistakes to Avoid Crawl space issues are very common and most homeowners have faced them at one point or another. When it comes to keeping your home’s crawl space safe, properly insulated and out of reach for pests and rodents, ensure you’re not making these mistakes. Mistake #1: Ineffective Crawl Space Doors: […]

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4 Curb Appeal Mistakes to Avoid

Fine looking porch columns and fantastic curb appeal are every homeowner’s dream. It takes a little planning and effort to keep the exteriors of your home looking like new. Many homeowners make these common mistakes in maintaining the appearance of their home. If you’re one of them, you’ll be pleased to know that they’re easy […]

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Maintenance-free PVC Railings Punctuate Your Porch, Deck and More

When you’re choosing railings for your deck, patio or stairs, the choices can be overwhelming. There are plenty of materials, styles and price ranges to consider. From safety glass to wrought iron, galvanized steel to classic wooden railings, you will come across just about every kind of material. It’s important to factor in your budget, […]

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PVC Railings, Porch Columns and Other Simple Ways to Enhance Your Home’s Value

What do PVC railings and porch columns have to do with selling your home? A lot, as it turns out. Home remodelling costs have plunged in the past few years. So has the ROI associated with many of those projects. However, there are some projects that continue to pay off more than others. Curb Appeal […]

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Porch Columns, PVC Doors and Other Credibility Boosters for Home Builders

Over the past few years, as the US housing market hit an all time low in decades, home builders across the country faced unique challenges. On one hand there was the issue of stagnant inventory. New homes simply stopped selling. On the other hand, builders had to get creative and find ways to keep home […]

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Porches and Porch Columns: A Reflection of Function, a Statement of Personal Style

A porch is a unique feature of your home. It is that transitional space between the outdoors and the inside of your home. The place where you step out to welcome visitors or to bid farewell, where you wait in anticipation or you go to escape your world for a few moments. Simply stated, a […]

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Do More Outdoors with Pergolas and Trellises

You don’t have to be a landscaping expert to create an inviting and refreshing outdoor space. There are simple ways to enrich your patio, pool area, backyard and garden that will go a long way in making your home more beautiful on the outside. Adding a pergola or a trellis is among them. These supporting […]

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Custom Dormer Doors Open Up Attic Access Solutions

Dormer doors aka attic access doors offer the answer to one of the most common and interesting challenges you will find in any home. The attic is a versatile space. Whether you use it for storage and for drying clothes or as a spare bedroom or even if you hardly ever use it, you still […]

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Crawl Spaces, Attic Access and more: Don’t Overlook these Details when Buying a Home.

While no two home buyers are looking for the exact same features in a home, there are some details all home buyers should consider carefully. Sure, these things will come up during the home inspection, but there is a lot you can spot even during your first visit to a prospective home. Be sure to […]

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Curb Appeal Facelift

Does Your Home Create a Lasting First Impression? Whether you’re building your first home, remodelling an old one or putting your house on the market, you can’t afford to overlook its curb appeal. It’s often the first thing that attracts you or a potential buyer to a home and one of the most important features […]

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PVC Crawl Space Doors Ensure Peace of Mind

A lot of times, what happens under or around your home determines the quality of life inside it. Crawl spaces are a great example. Protecting and sealing crawl spaces is among the top concerns for homeowners, new home buyers, pest control companies, property managers and home builders. These under house spaces can be hard to […]

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Choosing Porch Columns – Five Things to Consider

Porch columns carry a lot of weight when it comes to your home’s appearance and resale value. Columns frame a building, define its style and character. They serve as the backdrop for countless memories you will create with your family over the years. Take into account the following when choosing columns for your home or […]

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5 Reasons to Choose PVC Porch Columns

When it comes to porch columns, individual tastes, budget and needs dictate what you choose for your home. There are no shortage of options however, whether you prefer traditional, craftsman style columns, sleek, modern ones or something in between. In recent years, PVC column wraps have grown in popularity. Homeowners and builders prefer PVC over […]

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Decorative Porch Columns – Designs

Decorative PVC porch columns are not designed to carry the weight of the structure above them. However, PVC porch columns can be used to beautify an existing porch support. Architecturally authentic, craftsman PVC porch columns require very little maintenance. In addition, they are available in three styles – plain, recessed, or raised panel. Choosing the […]

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Porch columns are among the home’s most important architectural features

Porch Columns important architectural features Porch columns originally were developed by the Greeks and Egyptians. The basic designs of porch columns have not changed much over time. There are five basic styles of porch columns. • Corinthian which originated in Greece and was embraced by the Romans. Corinthian is identified by the two rows of […]

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Round Tapered Porch Columns

Round Tapered Porch Columns add curb appeal to your home Round porch columns are a great addition to the aesthetic of your home. Porch columns add interest and style to uninteresting and simple porches. If you are looking for approaches to enhance your home’s exterior, round porch columns could be your answer. Other than serving […]

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Porch Columns Can Offer Design Flexibility

Porch Columns Offer Design Flexibility Porch columns can be used in combination with windows, screens or railings to create a beautiful outdoor space. Custom built columns can be used to create a large open space. PVC columns are durable, maintenance free and insect proof. Custom Porch Columns PVC wrap porch columns can be used to […]

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Front Porch Columns

Front Porch Columns Available in Many Styles Front porch columns and porch posts are commonly made from  fiberglass, aluminum or PVC. Not only do porch columns serve an important structural role, they also come in various decorative styles for instant curb appeal. Porch Columns – Classic Designs Fiberglass  porch columns have become popular for both […]

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Porch Columns Add Architectural Design to Your Home

When there is a need for relaxation, the porch can serve as a quiet and serene space or a lively gathering place for friends and family. The exterior living space becomes truly special when careful attention is given to architecture and décor. Porch columns are a defining addition to exterior spaces. When it comes to […]

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Crawl Space Door Replacement

CRAWL SPACE DOOR REPLACEMENT When facing to replace an old crawl space door made from wood or adding a new one, our custom made crawl space doors have been the preferred choice of builders and homeowners alike. They all know that a crawl space door built of wood is not built too last and that […]

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Tapered porch columns add curb appeal to your property

TAPERED PORCH COLUMNS Tapered porch columns are among the home’s most important architectural features and can add a stately  look  to almost any home. The porch column truly defines the exterior space, and because it holds value on both decorative and functional levels, it continues to inspire beautiful creations and renovations. Our square tapered porch […]

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Benefits of Buying PVC or Fiberglass Porch Columns

Porch Columns made from PVC or fiberglass offer many advantages over traditional wood columns. Extreme temperatures and bad weather can take a toll on wood columns. In the winter, moisture gets into tiny cracks and spaces and can split and break the wood column. Wood columns require frequent maintenance by painting and sealing the wood. […]

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