Do More Outdoors with Pergolas and Trellises

You don’t have to be a landscaping expert to create an inviting and refreshing outdoor space. There are simple ways to enrich your patio, pool area, backyard and garden that will go a long way in making your home more beautiful on the outside. Adding a pergola or a trellis is among them. These supporting structures are both decorative and uber functional. Here are a few ideas for maximizing the use of your outdoor space with pergolas and trellises.

Frame your house or garden: Enhance the view into your garden or that of your house from outside with an interesting outdoor feature such as a pergola or trellis. No matter how large or small your yard, this simple addition can work wonders.

Define your outdoor space: If you have a particularly large backyard or garden, these structures can help create separate areas for entertainment, dining etc by visually breaking up your space.

Versatile uses: Pergolas and trellises may be used in a number of ways: create a cozy outdoor dining space under one, or a sitting area, a private retreat, a meditation corner or a walkway.

Provide a cool shaded area: You will appreciate this shaded resting spot especially in spring when you’re hard at work in your garden.

Add interesting plants: Pergolas and trellises are perfect homes for climbing roses, grapevines and a number of other types of plants that make the best use of sunlight in your outdoor space while adding beauty and vibrancy to your garden, pool or yard.

Space is not a constraint: You may add pergolas and trellises as standalone features if you have the space. If not, they work just as well supported against a wall next to a window, or against your porch columns. They serve as beautiful sun shades that add character to the outside of your home while letting optimum sunlight in.

You’ve seen pictures of the perfect backyard and garden in glossy magazines and in movies. Why not create your own picture-perfect, magazine-worthy outdoor space? PVC pergolas and trellises are durable, beautiful and resistant to rot and rust, making them ideal for your home year-round for years to come.

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