Porch columns are among the home’s most important architectural features

Porch Columns important architectural features

porch columns compliment railings and balustrades
Porch columns originally were developed by the Greeks and Egyptians. The basic designs of porch columns have not changed much over time. There are five basic styles of porch columns.

• Corinthian which originated in Greece and was embraced by the Romans. Corinthian is identified by the two rows of acanthus leaves and four spirals on the capital (top).
• Doric is another style developed by Greece. Doric’s capitals are much simpler in design. Doric has simple curved moldings.
• Egyptian style has a lotus design on the capital and is found in Art Deco-style homes.
• Ionic has two spirals. The shaft, the main part of the column, is not as wide as in other styles. Greek have fluted shafts. Roman have plain shafts.
• Romanesque actually originated in Europe between 1000s and 1300s. Romanesque has simple curved moldings.

Porch columns serve two purposes. Porch columns are a part of the structure of the house, holding up the roof of the portico, or porch and, in some designs, a second-floor balcony as well. Porch columns also add a decorative feature. Porch columns are made up of three parts: The base, shaft and capital. In addition to deciding on a style, you have to choose the material the columns are made from PVC, fiberglass or wood.

Porch columns are among the home’s most important architectural features. Porch columns highlight the entryway, the most inviting area of the exterior. Porch columns compliment millwork, such as window and door casings, pediments, crossheads, and other accents.

Porch columns compliment railings and balustrades

Porch columns can also compliment railings and balustrade systems to give the exterior of the home a unified appearance. The porch column truly defines the exterior space, and because it holds value on both decorative and functional levels, it continues to inspire beautiful creations and renovations.

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