Tapered PVC Porch Columns: The Hallmark of Craftsman Style Curb Appeal

When it comes to porch columns, customers know exactly what they want. People have different tastes and requirements based on their home’s style, architecture, budget and vision for their curb appeal, however, there are a few factors that remain constant.

Home builders, owners and architects expect porch columns to reflect quality craftsmanship in their construction. They expect columns to be sturdy, yet stylish. They’d like the columns to be unique while integrating seamlessly with the home’s exterior design. And yes, they’d like columns to last a long time and not be too high maintenance.

At Curb Appeal Products we’re proud of every product we offer, but, if there’s one product that has consistently been popular and that has continued to meet, perhaps exceed these expectations over the years, it is the tapered PVC porch column.

Tapered Porch Columns Stand Tall

There’s something singularly attractive about tapered columns. No matter how many modern styles come and go, this classic craftsman style column never loses its appeal. Sometimes referred to as the Elephant Leg column, the tapered porch column has withstood the test of time and changing architectural styles and continues to be one of the most popular and best-selling columns today.

The versatility of these columns may have something to do with it.

One column, many uses:
For one thing, these PVC porch columns are perfect for both exterior and interior use. They may be wrapped around existing posts on your porch. Or, you could use them as split-half, C-shaped columns installed against walls. You could even take them indoors and install pilasters or corner pilasters against walls. These are all great ways to add character to your home. They help in dividing a space visually into different functional and aesthetic areas.

No shortage of styles:
A tapered porch column is a pretty simple structure when you think about it. But this doesn’t mean you can’t customize it to suit your needs. The columns themselves are available in smooth, raised and recessed panel styles. You can then choose the pedestal in a matching or complementary style. The width and top shafts may be customized to suit your space and scale. While the columns are beautiful by themselves, you don’t have to stop there–choose from a number of base and capital styles to enrich your curb appeal further.

Porch Columns That Don’t Need Painstaking Care:
Picture-perfect elements often come with a caveat: high maintenance. But with PVC porch columns that’s one thing you can forget about. These insect-resistant, rot-proof, all-weather columns bring you all the benefits of a beautiful, craftsman column without any of the hassles. There’s no wood to treat for cracks and termite damage, no periodical paint treatment needed, no water damage to take care of. Easy installation and a lifetime warranty make these columns an almost obvious choice today.

The characteristic charm and elegance of tapered porch columns have ensured that the style hasn’t faded over the years. Add to it the durability and convenience that come with PVC porch columns and it’s clear that it’s not likely to fade any time soon.

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