Specialty Millwork: Giving Your Home Its Unique Character

If you’ve ever admired a house for its unique architectural details, chances are you’ve seen decorative brackets, gables, custom valances and corbels at work. These elements of specialty millwork are often what set a home apart and stay in your mind long after they’ve caught your attention. These seemingly minor details are usually tucked away in corners and places that are not even at eye level, yet, they manage to grab your attention and make that unforgettable, lasting impact. As they say, the devil is in the details, and these decorative additions are very effective in making a personal style statement with your home.

The interesting thing about specialty millwork elements such as valances and gables is that they aren’t considered functional essentials to a structure. So, chances are you won’t really notice anything amiss if they’re not there, however, once you’ve added them, you’ll notice the change alright. Your home will take on a character and appearance that is significantly richer and more visually interesting and you will wonder how you ever did without specialty millwork.

How much and what you add depends on your home’s style, your personal taste and the architectural character you want your home to reflect. Some of the most popular additions include decorative porch and window brackets, window trim, valances and double valances on your porch, custom gable ends, under deck arches and overhanging trellises outside windows. You could also use these elements to punctuate the interiors of your home. Spaces such as an entryway, media room, studio, den or sunroom take on a spectacular new personality when you add one or more of these tasteful specialty millwork elements.

One factor to consider when you decide to install custom details such as these is maintenance. Brackets, valances and gables are usually installed in hard-to-reach places such as near the roof or outside a window. There’s no question that they add elegance and interest to your home, but once installed, it’s important to ensure that each of these nooks and corners is well-maintained. The last thing you want is to install one-of-a-kind architectural elements only to have them rot, fade or accumulate mold over time. An easy solution is to choose specialty millwork constructed out of material that is durable and that does not succumb to natural elements such as humidity and temperature changes.

PVC Specialty Millwork: Extraordinary Appearance With No Extra Maintenance

PVC specialty millwork offers you this convenience. Not only will you find many of the decorative details and intricate work that you would find in wood, but you can also rest assured that your home’s latest additions won’t rot, rust, crack or peel with time. Investing in high quality custom PVC millwork elements is a hassle-free way to create high impact with your home.

Have you considered adding specialty millwork? What questions or challenges have you faced?

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