Benefits of Buying PVC or Fiberglass Porch Columns

Tapered Porch Columns

Porch Columns made from PVC or fiberglass offer many advantages over traditional wood columns. Extreme temperatures and bad weather can take a toll on wood columns. In the winter, moisture gets into tiny cracks and spaces and can split and break the wood column. Wood columns require frequent maintenance by painting and sealing the wood.

PVC Porch Columns

PVC porch columns are not effected by extreme weather or insects and require less frequent painting. PVC columns are easy to customize and can be made to almost any size.

Why PVC Porch Columns

    Easy to install
    many sizes available
    many styles available to choose from
    will not rot
    low maintenance
    impervious to insects

To learn more about PVC or fiberglass porch columns contact us at 919-846-8088 or visit our website at Curb Appeal Products

You can also visit National Remodelers Organization – porch columns.

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