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porch columnsDecorative PVC porch columns are not designed to carry the weight of the structure above them. However, PVC porch columns can be used to beautify an existing porch support. Architecturally authentic, craftsman PVC porch columns require very little maintenance. In addition, they are available in three styles – plain, recessed, or raised panel.
Choosing the right non-structural vinyl porch column can dramatically change the look of your porch and create impressive curb appeal. Start with porch columns that complement your home’s architecture and your own personal style. Use porch columns that blend with your home’s entry way to create a coordinated architectural look. Choose a vinyl option for zero maintenance, durability, and an aesthetically pleasing look – you just can’t beat these vinyl porch columns.

You too, can have Craftsman-style porch columns. By simply wrapping around your existing porch columns, you can easily transform your front porch using non-structural vinyl or Cellular PVC. It’s that easy!

Vinyl Wraps for Porch Columns

Vinyl wraps usually consist of from 2 to 4 sections that overlap and are sealed with a special adhesive like OSI or PVC rated silicone. Other models snap together and are adjustable to accommodate various inside dimensions. Wraps are ideal for transforming the look of your porch or for hiding old discolored posts. Another option is vinyl column sleeves that fit over standard wood columns. They come in several different colors and are normally used in new construction or in extensive remodeling projects.

Cellular Vinyl Porch Columns

When selecting non-structural porch columns we highly recommend choosing cellular PVC rather than vinyl. The difference is important. Cellular PVC (polyvinyl chloride) is a synthetic material like vinyl but it looks, feels, and sounds like wood. We found the following columns in Cellular PVC and believe you will like them too!

Craftsman-style porches have a very distinctive look. The most notable feature is the tapered columns. You can achieve this look by using vinyl porch columns made from cellular PVC. Architecturally authentic, craftsman PVC porch columns require very little maintenance. In addition, they are available in three styles – plain, recessed, or raised panel.

Curb Appeal Products non-structural columns are designed to surround existing porch columns. They look and work like wood but are not affected by insects, rot, or moisture. Don’t forget the pedestals. These columns can be supported by stone-faced pedestals. To achieve a similar look, we suggest you use vinyl pedestals over your existing porch support columns. You can paint them to coordinate with your vinyl columns. Although they won’t be stone, they will give your porch an aesthetically pleasing look at far less the expense.

PVC Column Pedestals
Craftsman columns normally rest on pedestals. Pedestals are usually made from stone, concrete, brick, or wood. PVC column pedestals look like wood and are designed to complement the front porch support columns. Curb Appeal Products PVC pedestals are non-structural, and like our columns above, are meant to wrap around existing column supports.

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