Custom Dormer Doors Open Up Attic Access Solutions

Dormer doors aka attic access doors offer the answer to one of the most common and interesting challenges you will find in any home.

The attic is a versatile space. Whether you use it for storage and for drying clothes or as a spare bedroom or even if you hardly ever use it, you still need to have an effective way to access it when you need to and seal it when you don’t.

An improperly sealed attic can lead to enormous energy wastage that is sure to show up on your bills. Besides, it could turn into a haven for pests. Some attics, especially those that are not well lit or that have unfinished surfaces may not be safe for children and pets to enter in the absence of adult supervision. As important as it may be to seal your attic and keep unwanted elements out, it is equally important to have a way to access it easily and safely when you want to.

That’s where dormer doors come in.

What makes a good attic access door?

A few factors to bear in mind when you’re shopping for one:

Durability and low maintenance: Who wants to spend their spare time treating their attic access door for rot or rust? Metal and wood doors are likely to succumb to these problems and require more maintenance. Solid core MDF door slabs, on the other hand, eliminate this problem. They are stable and sturdy while being resistant to moisture and other environmental damage.

Customization: Doors that don’t fit your attic’s opening perfectly aren’t going to help. You need a custom dormer door that exactly fits the rough masonry opening, not a ‘standard’ sized door that leaves gaps and doesn’t work for your space.

Energy saving: Ensure that the door you choose to install is weather-stripped so there is minimum energy wastage in your home.

Ease of Installation: Choose a fully assembled, custom dormer door that is easy to install.

Aesthetics, convenience and other aspects: Pay attention to the details. Choose the door’s swing direction depending on where it will be located in relation to your space and wall. Think about what kind of knob or handle you would want so that the style of the door blends with the rest of your decor. On the same note, think about whether you want a no-frills door with a smooth surface or a paneled one. Brass hinges or rubbed bronze ones? Do you need the door bored and mortised for standard lockset installation? Do you need a single or double swing door? Should the door be raised to accommodate your carpet?

Think through these factors and make your choice. Maximize your attic space and minimize the hassle of securing and accessing it with the right dormer door.

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