Choosing Porch Columns – Five Things to Consider

Porch columns carry a lot of weight when it comes to your home’s appearance and resale value. Columns frame a building, define its style and character. They serve as the backdrop for countless memories you will create with your family over the years. Take into account the following when choosing columns for your home or building.

Purpose: Porch columns serve two primary purposes. Load bearing columns hold up your porch roof. As decorative features, they add visual interest and character to your porch, enhancing the overall appeal of the building. Of course, there’s no reason why structural columns shouldn’t also be beautifully crafted. Wooden and fiberglass columns are great examples. Some porch columns work both indoors and outdoors. As pilasters or corner pilasters inside your home, they provide visual relief and aesthetic value.

Maintenance: Porch columns may need routine maintenance that ranges anywhere from very little to a lot. It all depends on the column material and construction. Classically beautiful wooden columns need to be treated routinely and sealed from the elements to minimize rot and other damage. PVC columns, on the other hand are very low maintenance. They are resistant to rot, insects and other types of environmental damage. Fiberglass columns may need to be painted over every few years for a fresh look. Consider how much maintenance effort you are willing to put in. What type of weather, humidity and environment will the column have to stand up to? Also, does the product come with a lifetime warranty and what type of support service can you expect from the seller during and post-order?

Style: Whether load-bearing or not, porch columns add artistic value to your home. Does your porch column’s craftsmanship complement your taste and your home’s architectural style? Do you prefer minimalist columns or ornamental elements like raised or recessed panels or a fluted surface? You should be able to customize the column’s dimensions to suit your needs and choose a base and capital to set it apart. Porch columns come in round, square, tapered or non-tapered styles among others. Make a note of columns that impress you while you’re out walking or driving by neighborhoods and also check out photographs of various buildings and column styles in magazines and books.

Installation: This is one of the biggest concerns when you don’t have the time and necessary expertise. If so, PVC porch columns may be the easiest choice. You can install them as standalone columns or as column wraps around existing posts. Our wrap kit includes inner squaring blocks, trim moldings and special adhesive to join the mitered edges. Architectural experts agree there is no easier way to install a column. Installing wooden and load-bearing fiberglass columns takes a little more time and labor but the results make it worth your while. Before deciding on a type of column, ask about installation and factor in the cost of hiring a professional.

Seller Experience and Credibility: An experienced and knowledgeable seller won’t push something you don’t want or can’t maintain into your face. He encourages you to make an informed choice based on your taste, budget and needs. He knows his porch columns inside and out, will answer your questions patiently and be able to point out both the benefits and drawbacks of different columns. Customer testimonials and reviews can be helpful in making your decision. Ask for referrals or photographs of installed porch columns if you can’t find them on the website.

Let your home make a great first impression every time with picture perfect porch columns.

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