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Tapered PVC Porch Columns

  • Wrap around existing posts of any size, height
  • Insect resistant, weather proof, no rot
  • Low maintenance
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Easy to install

Do you dream of spending your evenings and weekends relaxing in your porch and enjoying it rather than working hard to maintain it? Then, our tapered PVC porch columns have your name on them. These elegantly crafted column wraps are constructed out of PVC and hence do not rot or succumb to insects or moisture. If you still need assurance, the lifetime warranty should say it all. These extraordinary porch columns can be wrapped around your existing posts and installation is always a breeze.

Tapered PVC Porch Column Styles

Whether you choose the plain, recessed panel or raised panel surface style, you will be pleased with your choice. What’s more, we also carry fine looking bases and capitals to complement your porch columns and square pedestals. Each tapered PVC porch column wrap kit comes with inner squaring blocks, trim moldings and special adhesive to join the mitered edges. Finally, there is a home improvement project that provides high visual impact with such little effort – tapered porch columns.

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Tapered Column Picture Gallery