PVC Crawl Space Doors Ensure Peace of Mind

A lot of times, what happens under or around your home determines the quality of life inside it.

Crawl spaces are a great example.

Protecting and sealing crawl spaces is among the top concerns for homeowners, new home buyers, pest control companies, property managers and home builders. These under house spaces can be hard to access, but at the same time can cause enormous heat loss and greater energy bills, termite and other insect damage and are prone to water damage and rot.

Homemade wooden doors are not effective in the long run. They eventually rot. Metal doors tend to rust or have paint peeling off them over the course of time. It is important to find a solution that is durable and offers effective, long-term crawl space protection for your home.

What should you look for in a crawl space solution?

An effective solution should ideally:
a) keep unwanted elements out – water, insects, pests and rodents
b) keep crawl space air locked in by sealing the opening ensuring there is no heat loss and energy wastage
c) make crawl spaces easily accessible for routine maintenance, inspection etc
d) be child-proof and pet-proof
e) complement other elements of your landscaping and exterior decor
f) be durable and longlasting and not require periodic treatment and maintenance

One of the biggest challenges in finding the right door is the fact that in many cases, the masonry opening is irregular. It is all the more important that you be able to customize your crawl space door so it matches the exact requirements of your home. Minor details such as the door’s swing direction and mounting configuration can determine how well a door suits your space.

An ineffectively installed door can add to the inconvenience. In worst cases, it can lead to damage that ends up costing you thousands of dollars worth of repair and maintenance down the line. This is especially a huge concern for property management businesses. Similarly, the credibility of pest control companies relies on how well they protect their clients’ crawl spaces and prevent infestation. Many property managers and pest control experts choose durable PVC crawl space doors to meet these challenges.

Why PVC Crawl Space Doors?
PVC doors are resistant to moisture and thus, do not rot. They do not succumb to termites. They are durable and require no maintenance. They are easily customized to fit any masonry opening, are lightweight and easy to install. Moreover, they come with decorative options such as stainless steel hardware and a panelled surface which ensures that they do not detract from your home’s exterior appearance.

At a time when convenience and low maintenance are highly valued, it is only natural that wooden and metal doors are being replaced by durable and effective PVC crawl space doors.

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