Crawl Spaces, Attic Access and more: Don’t Overlook these Details when Buying a Home.

While no two home buyers are looking for the exact same features in a home, there are some details all home buyers should consider carefully. Sure, these things will come up during the home inspection, but there is a lot you can spot even during your first visit to a prospective home. Be sure to then bring them up with your agent or the seller. These are more relevant to older homes and first time buyers, but there’s no harm in being certain about what you’re getting even if it’s a new home and not your first.

Foundation spaces aka crawl spaces: Ensure that these are properly secured with durable, rot-free and rust-proof doors. An ineffectively sealed crawl space could mean you will spend hundreds, perhaps thousands of dollars on pest control, mold treatment and other maintenance work once you move in. Wooden and metal doors tend to rot or rust. Have high quality custom PVC crawl space doors installed to seal the under-house space from unwanted elements and prevent energy wastage. An improperly sealed foundation space could lead to larger energy bills.

Attics: Almost everything that holds true for crawl spaces is relevant to attics. Attics need to be accessible yet concealed. Solid core MDF dormer doors can ensure that your attic is properly sealed when you’re not using it and easily and safely accessible when you want to. If the home does not have a custom dormer door installed already, you may have to talk to the seller about having one installed or put it on your list of immediate to-do’s once you buy the home and move in.
You have to take into account if you will have carpeting under the door and how child-proof and pet-proof you want the door to be.

Railings: Railings on stairways, porches, decks and landing spaces need to be sturdy and high quality. The same goes for balustrades – the more durable the better. PVC railings are resistant to rot and rust and tend to last longer with very little maintenance. Ensure that the home you are about to buy has solid railings that will last, if not, arrange to have them replaced before you even move in.

Columns: Porch columns and column wraps add character and beauty to any home. They are among the first things to be noticed and often define the style of a home. The style, shape and structure is as important as the material used. Tapered, non-tapered, round and square, load bearing and decorative are some of the options available. If it is an older home with wooden columns, consider the maintenance required. You will need to treat wooden porch columns periodically by sealing cracks and protecting against rot and termite damage. PVC porch columns are popular for many reasons, their convenience, ease of installation and durability being prime among them. Fiberglass columns are excellent for load bearing while still being durable and beautiful.

Curb appeal, specialty millwork and landscaping: Decorative details such as pergolas and trellises, specialty millwork elements such as valances, gables and brackets are all important aspects that will set your home apart. These are also the details that will either attract you instantly to a home or deter you from proceeding any further. Personal preference and decor taste often determine the direction you take when choosing a home. Maintenance, especially in hard to reach places is something you should consider carefully.

Spend as much time walking around the home and in the yard as you do inside to be sure you like what you see. These often overlooked details could determine how soon you begin to feel at home.

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