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We believe that the right architectural elements determine the character of your home, its resale value and most importantly, your quality of life. This belief is behind every product you see offered on this website.

Welcome to Curb Appeal Products and thank you for considering us for your building, remodelling or construction project. We are a small team of experienced professionals with vast knowledge of construction and architectural products. Our experience shapes the choice of products we offer on our website for we would never put our name on anything we are not proud of.

So, what can you expect from such a team?

Superior quality products, fine craftsmanship (Value for your money): We won’t cut corners or compromise on quality no matter what.

Customization (It’s about you after all.): We believe you deserve the finest custom products and we settle for nothing less. Our custom built porch columns, access doors and other products cater to the specific needs of your home.

Personalized service (We see you as a person, not an order number.): We are one phone call away, whether you have questions about installation or want to learn more about a product’s features. You won’t be routed through tele-robots and dozens of phone menus to reach a real human voice. Email works too.

Durable, low maintenance products (More free time for you): Your quality of life depends a great deal on what you do with your time – we understand. We don’t want you spending weekends and evenings painting porch columns or treating dormer doors for rot (unless you enjoy it!). We offer no rot, no rust, low maintenance products that will give you peace of mind and free time to enjoy your home with your family.

Our story:

Over the course of our 30+ years of experience in the construction industry, we learned a thing or two about what people want in their homes. The thing is, it’s not always easy to tell which products will last and work well in your home and it’s even harder to find a knowledgeable company that will go out of its way to help you with this.

We have always enjoyed helping people find what they want for their homes. We enjoy helping you customize products to suit your needs. We know how important it is to match durability with beauty when it comes to choosing columns or doors for your home. We know how fine craftsmanship goes hand in hand with cutting edge manufacturing technology. So, armed with our experience and knowledge and with our passion for helping people find the best architectural additions for their homes, we started Curb Appeal Products 7 years ago and have never looked back. We call Raleigh, NC our home and our products have found their way to homes across the United States from Oregon to Washington, D.C.

Building a home involves several important decisions. Choosing Curb Appeal Products for your columns, doors, railings and more should be an easy one. Get in touch with us today and tell us about your project.

Call us: 919-846-8088 or email us: info@curbappealproducts.com

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