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Non Tapered PVC Porch Columns

  • Wrap around existing posts of any size, height
  • Insect resistant, weather proof, no rot
  • Low maintenance
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Easy to install

If you’ve always wanted a spectacular porch without the hassle of maintenance, non-tapered PVC porch columns are your answer. These beautifully crafted square porch columns are available in four styles – plain, raised panel, recessed panel and fluted, each exuding elegance in its own way.

Non-Tapered PVC Porch Column Styles

However, the real beauty of these column wraps lies in their PVC construction. This makes them resistant to weather exposure and insect damage, preventing rot and rust. They do not require frequent paint treatment or any other maintenance on your part. These durable porch columns thus retain their beauty years after you first install them.

Speaking of installation, these porch columns may be wrapped around any existing post easily. Each non-tapered PVC porch column wrap kit comes with inner squaring blocks, trim moldings and special adhesive to join the mitered edges. They work well as pilasters or corner pilasters indoors, adding character and visual interest to your space.

We offer stunning bases and capitals to complement these columns and you can customize your porch columns to almost any height and size. Watch your porch and your home come alive with the addition of these PVC porch columns.

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